Day 5 – I am doing fine

Honestly, there is not much for me to talk about. Not because there have not been no challenges, but because a balance is taking place in my life. So sweet. With sweet I mean, that I have a commitment with myself, I am not letting myself go, I am being here for me to see the truth of this moment, see how it affects me, its consequence, and every moment I am learning something new. There for sure will be many more challenges, but majnor events are happening in my life. For example this morning I had a recording with a choir, and it has been the time I has sung the best in all my life. I was singing my truth for real in my sound while my own sound was supporting myself to set myself free, to be here and act and create and not lose or forget myself. To help others who are in trouble, to help them see they are here, to show them what this mean. I will face many challenges, but the most important step which is self-commitment I have already walked it. And I am glad I did this, it’s why I did it. It shouldn’t have taken me this longs, but I finally saw it and I am working each moment to have an inner balance. To not be against energy, but rather been one with it, expressing myself, while I have this view that I am not deceiving myself. If you focus in yourself, there is really no limit to how much you can see, you are the one deciding how commited you are to yourself, and therefore to others. I am enjoying talking with my own sound, because it’s been a long time. It’s just that I have missed it, there were apparently so many reasons to lose my sound that I thought it was worth it. And the truth, I knew it when I did it. I knew I was the one doing it, I remember seen it and this was the point I had to reveal to myself. If you lose yourself, it doesn’t matter where you search it, you will never find it.

Thanks to everybody, let’s not lose ourselves.

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