Day 8 – Talk

Let me talk clearly, straight to you. Yourself is a place that you don’t sell, you don’t lie, you don’t manipulate, you don’t control, you don’t direct. This is if you want to live, like a tree lives, in the same joy. You choose what you want to dedicate your life to. I’ve lived very much, too much for my age, I’ve read a lot, I’ve applied many tools, I kind of started around 17 years old to take a look into spirituality, so it has been a long journey since then. And this is just what I have found, nothing.

When you think about nothing, keep in mind the following. If you are to choose this path, or in others words… If by chance you happen to see who you are and this path leads you to nothing, I am going to tell you what I think, which you probably already know (because it’s just here). Sometimes you may feel that you are giving up too much, or that you are losing something, I recognize this feeling of feeling like you are going to lose your life, the most precious life of you. But remember something, when you act in this world you act for yourself, and this is the proof to know that you will not lose yourself in the future. If you act honest now, the next moment you will be fine. So, don’t be afraid to follow yourself, fast, brave, and alone. Always wonder about why things exist the way they exist, keep that in mind because that is the way for a clear vision. Look for your own contradictions, the parts of you that seem to fit you… But in the end somehow doesn’t seem quite so. So, walk your path. Just walk it, and we will meet at the end of this path. Don’t be afraid of remainding yourself why you are doing it, because it is in here that you will find your purpose. But listen, the truth about life is that it exists without a purpose, it exists only for you to live it. So, support yourself with a reason to walk this process, remind yourself something so beautiful that you could not concibe, in a dream that you used to have when you were a child and dreamt alone about this life, and you soon lost something, but yet you reminded yourself this beauty, this fire, this image, something truly important for you. Remind this to yourself, and in the end, let go of it. It was just a dream, one that you created, it’s now gone. You are free to life your life, you. This is what gives purpose to your life, and this is why life exist, in a contradiction between two opposites. This is why. There is no why. This is how things are. You are free!

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